Thursday, March 6, 2014

Playing Guitar With A Certain Celebrity Again

I love it when people obsess over things because of me.

I consider myself responsible for most of my friends' obsessions with Never Shout Never, and also for a select few awesome people watching all of Sherlock in a single weekend.

But I'm especially proud of myself because recently, I taught a Sleeping With Sirens song to a celebrity.  Remember the guy from this blog post?

He recently taught Amanda and I another guitar lesson.

But this time we actually played guitar.

I was so happy.

I hereby present a 100% accurate visual description of what happened that day.


I was so proud of myself.  I played/sang two songs for him and it was the most boss moment of my life.  After, he asked what band was on my shirt.

Never ask what band is on my shirt unless you are prepared to be bombarded with reasons why they are the meaning of life and why you should love them more than ice cream.

Long story short, my second guitar playing experience with a certain celebrity was ten times better than the first :D


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  2. I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it must have been to post all of these while taking care to exhibit the exact mannerisms of a sexy beast every time.