Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Playing The Guitar With a Certain Celebrity

If you didn't live in the 80's, you've probably never heard of the band "Air Supply."
Like most people, I had never heard of them. . . until I got a free guitar lesson (which was more like a showcase of songs) from their guitar player, Graham Russel.

When I first saw him, I was basically expecting to see this:

He's the blonde one.

I guess I didn't really grasp the whole "aging" concept.

I was really surprised when I saw an old man wearing gold rings, all black, and really tight pants  walk up to me and say, "How do you do."  To be honest, I was a little suspicious of him at first, and not just because he was british.

But he was actually a pretty decent person.

He played some songs for us, taught us the parts of the guitar, and taught us a total of ONE chord, assuming none of us were musically talented.

After telling him I could play guitar, he insisted that I show him a song I knew, so I played this song for him:

Scene Two - Roger Rabbit by Sleeping With Sirens on Grooveshark

I was pretty proud of myself for not fainting in the middle of it.  My hands were shaking so badly I could hardly play at all, and I was so scared I was gonna mess up that I really got no enjoyment out of it whatsoever.

I'm pretty sure he wasn't impressed, because when I finished, he slowly took the guitar away from me and started playing again as if he hadn't heard anything.  I'm pretty sure he was mentally face-palming.


Long story short, it was a pretty awesome experience, that I'm pretty sure will never happen again in my entire life.

Oh!  He also gave me a british guitar pick.

I feel so sophisticated.


  1. Im always suspicious of the British, I'm still not over that whole revolutionary war thing.

  2. I thought that too, but I figured I would give it some more time, It has only been 300 years. I just need more time!

    1. Erm, it's actually been 231 years since the Revolutionary War has been over... do your research!!