Monday, February 3, 2014

School Logic

A small disclaimer:  I actually really like school.

This post was inspired by a certain person blogging about the similarities between communism, and our school system.  Surprisingly, there's a lot of similarities.

Anyways, here's a visual list of things I could see the school system saying.

Enjoy :D

School System:  Oh!  You wore a hat to school?  You're obviously a terrorist.

School System:  Oh!  You want to go on Wiki Answers?  Sorry, you're obviously looking for porn.

School System:  Oh!  You want to go on Tumblr?  But you also want good grades?

HAHAHA, that's a funny joke.

School System:  Oh!  You have five textbooks, a laptop, an instrument, three binders, and a coat you have to bring to school every day?

Here's a string bag.

School System:  Oh!  You have a library fine?  You're obviously a psycho criminal.  No yearbook for you!

Someone get this menace off the streets!

School System:  Oh!  You want to eat healthy?  Here's a leaf and some rubber.

School System:  Oh!  You can't fit everything in your string bag?  Here's a preschool-sized cubby.

School System:  Oh!  You want to go on Youtube, where there's lots of distractions and multiple sketchy things?

Go ahead.  Here's the link.

School System:  We gave you internet.  Why are you failing school?

Anyways, hope you liked :) Cya


  1. This is great! I can imagine our sassy vice principal saying. " Guuurl, you better be taking off that hat, or I be calling the authorities and have you arrested for terrorism, because only terrorist wear hats"

    1. Obviously. Only terrorists and Audreys wear hats. They may or may not be the same thing o.o

  2. Shhh, the NSA is probably watching right now... They saw your picture with a hat and are tracking down now. Your only chance of survival is to hide in the sewers, in ten years you can come out, but you must adopt 27 cats. When you adopt the cats you appear to be a crazy cat lady. There has never been a movie where a crazy cat lady is the terrorist.

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