Friday, November 15, 2013

The Sleeping With Sirens Concert

Last night, my friends Amanda, Abi, Lucy and I went to a Sleeping with Sirens concert.  IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST NIGHTS EVER!

Like... ever.

I can't really express my happiness and mind-boggledness, so I'm just gonna tell you the story of what happened at the concert!

Amanda, Abi and I waited in the line outside The Great Saltair Theater, for a while, and soon the doors were opened!  When we got inside, we met up with Lucy and pushed our way up to the front :)

(From left to right)  Justin Hills, Jesse Lawson,
Kellin Quinn, Gabe Barham, and Jack Fowler.

 When Sleeping With Sirens finally came onstage, everyone in the theater went absolutely berserk.  Amanda and I were in the band-merch-area in the very back of the theater, and we just heard an electric guitar strum and a bunch of girls start screaming like it was the apocalypse.  The second Kellin got on the stage, it was every man for themselves.  Amanda and I held onto each other like our lives depended on it (which they did), and ran towards the stage.  We knew we weren't going to get to the very front like we were before, so we picked a spot on the side that was about 15 feet(?) from the stage.  It was a good spot because it was less crowded and we could jump up and down without having to worry about killing someone's foot.

That's Kellin, the lead singer!

Oh!  And I forgot to mention something important!  One of the members of Sleeping With Sirens wasn't at the concert!  :(   If you check the Sleeping With Sirens Wikipedia page, it says that Jesse Lawson quit the band to spend more time with his family.  I'm happy for him, but at the same time, I was sad I didn't get to see him in real-life  :(

Hope this was fun to read, and useful for you!  If you're planning on going to a concert at the Great Saltair Theater, you will definetly have fun, if you go with awesome friends and stick to the sides of the theater!!!

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