Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving at My House

(Going around the table saying what we're thankful for)

Mom:  I'm grateful for all the many things Kassidy (my little sister) does for us.  I'm grateful for this free country and that the communists haven't taken over yet.  I'm so grateful for the air we breathe, the trees that process Carbon Dioxide, good music, my amazing family, my parents, and that we live in beautiful Park City.

Jacob (my little brother):  I'm grateful for the moon and that the earth isn't too close to the sun.  I'm also grateful for Pluto, no matter how much scientists bully it.  The poor guy. . .  Oh!  And I'm also grateful for Minecraft.

Kassidy (my little sister):  I'm so very grateful for my loving mother, and that I have the opportunity to serve so many people.  I'm grateful for school, and that I have good grades (the jerk), and for my awesome teachers.

Me:  Umm. . .  I'm grateful for. . . umm. . .  music.  And the internet.

Dad:  I like motorcycles.

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  1. *slowly claps*.....that. That was a masterpiece.
    Beautiful. *wipes tears from eyes*