Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Perks of Being Tall

Okay, so hopefully you've read my post, "Why You SHOULD'NT Want to be Tall," but now  I present to you, "The Perks of Being Tall."

There seems to be a lot of bad things about being tall (which there are).  You can't wear normal clothes, you can't hug people, and you also look awkward while dancing.

Just so you know, I embrace awkward.

Anyways, I now present to you. . .

The Perks of Being Tall

1.  Concerts.
Period.  Concerts are a lot more enjoyable if you're tall.  Plus, you have a better chance at catching the guitar picks at the end!!  It's also worth to note that if you're short, and don't want to be punched in the face in the mosh pit, stick with a tall person.  They are your protector.

Le Visual Representation of Sleeping With Sirens Concert!

2.  Your friends never lose you.
You're always in sight, and to be honest, it's a little annoying.  They always know if you're absent or not.  So yeah.  If you want to be a secret agent and blend in, don't be tall.

Darn.  Guess THAT career option's gone. . .

3.  Everyone automatically assumes you have a future.
I guess if you're tall, you're also supposed to have perfect grades, multiple basketball scholarships, and a modeling job.

Hehe. . . this is soooo me. . .

4.  Tall people have telepathic communication to each other.
Especially at concerts, we nod to each other, acknowledge each other's existence, and have an unspoken bond for the rest of our lives.  No joke.  At school, we pass each other in the halls, and give each other sympathetic smiles, or decide they're our best friends.

You're officially my newest fabulous bestie!!!

5.  Standing up.
Let me explain.  While you're sitting down in a chair, your height is hidden.  You're...normal-ish looking.  But once you stand up, everyone automatically feels intimidated.  You're automatically the most powerful being in existence.  It's awesome...for a while.

(Not an exaggeration)

6.  General Usefulness
"Hey Audrey, can you grab this for me?  You're the only one tall enough."
"Will you please erase the top of the white-board for me?"
"Audrey, can you climb over this fence and retrieve a volleyball?"
"Can you pull the projector down?"
Some people may find this annoying, but it makes me feel like I have a purpose in life.  I may not become a professional basketball player, but I can always become a window-washer, or a white-board eraser!!


7.  Even if you look like a potato, people ask if you're a model.
True story.


There you have it.  You now understand the perks of being tall.

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