Tuesday, March 31, 2015

An Ode to Rap Music

Amongst all classic rock’s meaningful songs
I’m just so grateful rap’s there to remind
Me that I “ain’t got dough.” It rights my wrongs.
Because why would you dance when you could grind? 

I’m so glad Macklemore is there to say
True poetry like, “Walk into the club
like what up I gotta big cock.” Thank you.
When I’m sad, you are there to call me gay.
Why be home when I could get drunk at’a pub?
Pitbull’s words speak to me saying, “Screw you.”

When I need it most. Snoop Dog preaches to
“Not clean my room while high.” Thanks Snoop, for your 

Valuable life advice, man. I thank you.
Why’d I sing when I could twerk on the floor?
Your incomprehensible lyrics are
My inspiration for great life choices.
But the best thing about rap is when they
Remind me that I am not at the bar
When I could be. Thank you for your voices.
Thanks, but no thanks. I’d rather not obey. 


  1. I saw you singing on Saturday! (I'm Kimberly's friend in Boston)

  2. "The most insulting thing to black people since 9/11" -Donald Trump